Rider Holidays in Turkey


Have you always dreamt of... horseriding at the Beach.. escaping your busy lifestyles to a relaxing holiday in TURKEY with family or friends...

This is Your Invitation for an unparalleled experience .

Once you had done it our way - you will never forget .

Where dreams come true!

 It's your choice 3 or 6 hours per day in the saddle.Accommodation will be at the Ranch in our vicinity. From there your can complement your riding holiday by engaging in a host of the other activities on offer.

Example for a week  riding

1st day: Arrival (no riding)

2rd day: On this day we will ride in Yaniklar through the forests and around a sweet-water lagoon. Because of the high trees it feels as if you may well be in the forests of Canada.

3th day: After a substantial Turkish breakfast we will ride along the beach to the Günlük-trees (Incense trees, which only exist in two continents of this world.).

4th day: We ride directly from the ranch to the Taurus mountains. Along the way, we pass through the old, typical Turkish villages into the wild mountain world. You'll ride along deep canyons and cross rapid rivers (depending on the season).

5th day: Today we'll start in the afternoon and treat the horses to a long gallop along the beach, making our way way down to the near village Çalis. After bathing in the sea we ride at a comfortable pace back to the ranch. There you can watch the sunset which Turkey is famous for. You'll feel like a participant in 1001 nights.

6th day: . We'll saddle the horses and take you on a exploratory tour of the neighbourhood, on the sandy beach alongside crystal clear waters ...Have you ever swimming with the Horses in the Sea?..*

7.th Day 

2nd day: What about a quiet Day at the Beach? Or would you prefer a nice 12 island Boat Trip? we can arrange nearly everything.ASK US

8th day: Departure (no riding)