The Village and Culture Trail on the Footsteps of the LYCIANS

Advanced Rider

1 Day  Arrival at the Ranch. First contact with the Ranch Managers and the Horses.

2 Day: After a extensive vitamin-rich breakfast and discuss the tour, we saddle the horses and ride from the ranch along the Kargi Cay (Yaniklar River) to the beach of Yaniklar. The crystal clear water along to the village Ciftlik is fantastic in the mornings.

Canters between eucalyptus forests and along the Beach, then we ride through the small villages up to a river .Then we ride towards in the Taurus Mountain,eat  at restaurant lunch in Üzümlü- türk Kösk (open seat)-Turkish traditional food on the floor.- ,continue to Kadyanda  - On a hillside overlooking the valley surrounded by herds of goats with nomad tents, our camp is built with overnight camping. Until  preparing the camp and the food, we visit Kadyanda.

Kadyanda is located in a untouched pine Forrest and hidden under-sized city, Dinner campfire .

3 day. after the breakfast for us and the horses is the next Track YakacikVillage , we ride along ancient Turkish village where people live and are dressed in traditional Turkish-like in ancient times- Very polite people-you will know why it says: Turkish hospitality on the houses are peppers and other vegetables for the winter dried. the people there breed  and eat from vegetable greenhouses, honey, livestock originally natural living After the village we ride up a river bed-watering horses at the well.

We ride through the river bed

 along a forest area, where we take our lunch break.
-Next to cross is COBANLAR (shepherd's village)  we have to cross  Kemer river. through the large water-to-GIRMELER The only restaurant in town, right next to the caves of Alexander the Great, with underground SPA in the middle of the cave . invites you to relax. The old name of GIRMELER IS Gebel-Means: the pregnant !!-it was called in ancient times, who bathes in the thermal-hot- water will be fertile -
JRestaurant. Dining- lovable owner Fevzi-traditional food-soup, beans, sac Kavurma(roasting meat)- village art, bulgur, lettuce, etc. BREAK- eat, stay ,enjoy the türkish  Mokka- horses have a  break –we will stay in a small pension-Who-wish to make the Thermal Water pool- Fevzi  fill with hot mineral water sulfur .-


Local breakfast-homemade olives and simply Food, of Girmeler crossing the river with the river bed of Kemer. We ride in a very large wide river bed on the left and right of the river there are the fields of the villagers and we get into conversation with the farmer about the cotton crop, sesame, fresh succulent beans, infinitely large Cornfields. From the river we arrive to the village Korubükü -a small village- Lunch- From Korubükü we ride to the irrigation channel, the channel is diverted for irrigation from the Saklikent River. Riding along the channel to SAKLIKENT GORGE on our way we pass the local villages, fields, farmers over-this is a flat course with views of the Taurus Mountains, the mountain of Babadağı and Saklikent, after we have supplied the horses .-- We refer the-famous Saklikent tree houses,our lodging for the night.Take the opportunity to swim in the pool or the Saklikent River. swimming pool houses right next to the river. Is traditionally eaten in the Kösk. These free seats were built-in water when eating they can cool the feet.


After traditional Breakfsast your Tour Guide will Turn in to your Sightseeing Guide. We will visit the Places XANTHOS and LETOON.

Sightseeing at the monumental places what is written in the Unesco World Heritage Site since 1988.Also you have the opportunity to Rafting,Mud Bath and Walking into the Gorge



After breakfast, we ride in up to 200 meters wide river bed of Saklikent continue to transition then from the riverbed into the canal route. This trail is beautiful for gallops. After we rode through the river we arrive at our resting place for lunch. After the break we ride through idyllic small villages in the woods, through fields -until we get to-Minare PINARA. Pinara arrived in town, we will rest .. then it works on the visit of Pinara. lodge for the night-simple turkish house-HASAN ABI HOUSE WITH FOOD IN MINARE .Visit history of rock tombs Pinara steep rock-wall and see a total of 280 graves with the whole history 2800 tombs, Lycian, Byzantine and greek. ..!

The Evening we will enjoy a good Time and Dinner at PATARA Beach. We will visit the ruins and Patara,The Beach is  a 18 kilometres (11 mi)-long  beautyfull sandy Beach


7 day at breakfast
After traditional Turkish breakfast we ride on  the Mendos mountains along the famous Mount Baba Dagi (Mountain Paragliding Fethiye). On this route we follow in the footsteps of the ancient Lycians.  Parts of the Lycian trail, which is considered one of the 10 best hiking trails known worldwide, we are preparing to Kirme village, where our adventure ends. If desired, they can walk the last 3 KM walk up to Ölüdeniz on the Lycian Way. Here you have a fantastic view over the bay of Ölüdeniz.

In the Evening we will have a fantastic Barbecue at the Ranch and slowly say good bye to our 4 legged friends. L

8 day. departing Sunday…and hope to see you for the next Holiday J

Pictures of the lycian culture Trail

Trip length 8 days / 7 nights
Ride price  

2016 Culture trail: double pp €1450,$1600

including Entrance Fees for all historic places and Full board

Departure dates ON REQUEST
riding  per day 4 - 6 hours approx.on 5 days  and 1 day sightseeing
Riding ability required Walk, trot and canter, fit and able to tack up own horse.Min age 12 for insurance and max 65 
Group size 4 to 6 in 1 riding group
Meeting point Dalaman Airport, Turkey
Not included  Transfer time is approx 40 minutes,from Dalaman per car 80 euro,alkoholic Drinks.
Flight guide - Dalaman
Single supplement

2016: €25 per night payable on site, when available.


NOT : The Accomodation is Tent or Shared Rooms. When guests don’t like to share rooms the Accomodation will be tent. There is on the Trail no single rooms available.

The Entrance Fees are included in the Price of the Trail.

Only Alkoholic drinks are not included.


small notes to the places:

Fethiye—land of lights-

Girmeler-- Cave-Alexander the great- and Thermal Springs,



Saklikent--(Hidden City) Gorge is the second-largest (20 km-long) gorge in ... the longest and deepest gorge in Turkey

Minare-Pinara—Pinara is one of the major lycian cities,Amphie theater

Baba dagi Mountain-very popular for paragliding,

Mendos Mountain-

Kadyanda-- Cadianda(the ruins go back to the century B.C.), Smyrna Agora Antik Kent

Patara Beach-

Xanthos and letoon