Allgemeine Geschäftsbedingungen

Terms and Conditions
Isa.M. Ltd.Sti., A private limited company under Turkish law. We offer various forms of leave, riding lessons and trail rides and rooms, which are described in detail on our website.

After conclusion of the contract you have provided on our website or by phone or in writing a request to us, you will receive an offer for their journey by email. The offer contains the list of costs for accommodation, food and / or the use of our Horses. The acceptance of e-mail or fax of the offer creates a legally binding contract between you and Isa.M Ltd.Sti. It can be booked additional services, such as an airport transfer or a single room.

These additional services can increase indicated in the offer price. You should note in detail. The queried data of participant such as age, weight and riding experience to be carried out truthfully of them. They serve as a basis for classification of horses and companion. If it turns out, that the details are incorrect, you must expect restrictions at their expense at departure .

Liability Participation in our riding is at your own risk. Our horses are trained for our work, there may be situations that we can not foresee. Please follow the instructions of the Tour Leader. In the interest of the other guests and the horses , we must exclude you from participation of our tours about our non-compliance with instructions . Damage caused by not following our instructions, you are billed.

Modification / Cancellation: change their travel is to 15 days prior to your arrival, if available for the new date places in sufficient number . Change Fee 20 EUR. the transfer may lead to a reduction or increase of the price, also may be a change of tour.

In case of cancellation of the Holiday or Trip to 31 days prior to arrival will forfeit the deposit (for expense allowance) by the tour operator if the space can not be given to another Person.30 Days before arrival 50% and 14 Days before arrival then 80% of the total price will be retained as a cancellation fee (also not appear in) For compliance the Entrance Conditions into Turkey ( identity card or passport) you are responsible. Costs and damages they incur due to failure to comply with regulations, go to their detriment. Note that in certain circumstances, depending on the nationality of the participant Visa fees are payable. Find out. Before starting your trip on the necessary papers to enter Turkey

After payment of the contract you will receive an invoice by email with details of other payment .In between one weeks a deposit of 20% of the travel price is due.

For cancellations up to 30 Days prior to Arrival , the deposit is omitted in favor of the tour as compensation. To 14 Days prior to arrival, the entire price have to be fully paid. The bill includes VAT after the Turkish law, since our company is established in Turkey and the services in Turkey are provided.

Privacy At their request and booking are queried important data for the trip. By accepting these Terms, you agree to the storage of this data. The data is required exclusively for the processing of travel and will not be given to foreign people. Has unenforceability of any provision the invalidity of individual provisions of these Terms and Conditions does not invalidate the overall result. Jurisdiction The court of jurisdiction is the seat of Isa.M Ltd.Sti. in all contractual matters